Amunition for Pulling Down Strongholds

MISSION is an interdenominational online  resource centre dedicated to providing all kinds of assistance to men, women and children of God at the forefront of advancing the Christian faith through their dedication to all kinds of duties in the body of Christ around the globe.

If you are a born-again Christian, actively bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit daily, a pastor with a herd of sheep to sheperd, a minister of the Gospel, an ordained reverend believing the whole bible, a bishop who loves the Lord Jesus from pure heart, an evangelist not scared
of taken the battle to the gates of people walking in darkness, prophet that has dedicated his or her lips to be a pen or ready writer, an apostle who has a witness from your Damascuss encounter; whatever your title, if your heart is in this important business of making heaven with as many righteous souls as possible, then we are here to give you and your team any support you may need to get the job done in your Jerusalem before His second return. is here to strengthen the unity and fellowship among Pastors from all churches active in soul winning. We regularly share testimonies big and small of visions and dreams come true and burdens daily lifted at the cross of Calvary. Watchout for networking events coming soon in your area as often as possible that will edify and equip and challenge you and improve your active prayer life. You can also tap into our huge resource of expositional revelatory teachings that are relevant to the cross cultural battle zones of
Pastor’s life and ministry.