Amunition for Pulling Down Strongholds


Pastors and Evangelists are the Captains of foot Christian soldiers who walk the walk and talk the talk through the battle field of reconciling people back to the path of righteousnes with their God and Maker. They use an array of visible and invisible ammunition to pull down the strongholds of the enemies of Christ's righteousness they encounter on a daily and weekly basis.

The frontline is advancing daily because the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. To supply these advancing army daily, weekly and monthly each pastor or evangelist has to plug into carefully selected portals within this  international network of resource centres equipped with the latest technological advancements for producing relevant weapons suitable for the pulling down of STRONGHOLDS of the enemies of righteousness in every generation.

This website is a small part of that international network. The backbone of this network has taken over 30 years to be perfected and put in place. The system is designed to allow pastors who meet the criteria -"by their fruits, ye shall know them" to plug-in and enjoy the privileges of the Mess. They also receive UserID and password to enjoy the facilities within the Ordnance Depots located around the globe.